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5.       what is besad upon the facts of our everyday lives ?
Answer : the scienes of economics is besad upon the facts of our everyday lives.
6.       why the economic should study our everyday lives ?
Answer : because economists study our everyday lives and the general life of our communities in order to understand the whole economic sistem of which we are part .

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1.      ____ lived on Earth for nearly 150 million years.
    (A) Dinosaurs
    (B) Dinosaurs who
    (C) If dinosaurs
    (D) Since dinosaurs
Answer :
A subyek kalimat
B subyek +kata bantu
C kata hubung + subyek
D kata keterangan + subyek

Excerse :
1.      The subject you will be studing in the course, (is,are) listed in syllabus.
2.      The professor and the student (agree, agrees) on that point.
3.      Almont every professor and student at the university (appoves, approve) the choise of the new president.
4.      Why (was, were) yoko and late for the meeting?
5.      Some of fruit in this bowl (is, are) rotten.
6.      Most of movies(is, are) funny.
7.      Half of this money (is, are) your.
8.      A lot of clothing in those store (is, are).
9.      The number of employes in my company (is, are) approximately ten thousand.
10.  Why (was, were) some of the student excused from the exanination.


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NPM          :28211484
KELAS      :3EB08
Subject and verb agreement
§  Each                singular                          singular
Every               noun                   verb
Example :
Ä  Each person in the world is very diverse
  S                       v         c
¯  Person is singular so, that use verb “is”

Ä  Every child and perent is like here place
s                 v           c
¯  Every were always followed singular verb or singular non.

§  Subjeck were followed prepositional phrase, verb singular/plural determined by the subject
Example :
Ä  The juice in the refrigerator is delicious
Singular subject
¯  The juice is singular subject so, that use verb “is”

Ä  The bag at those markets is very expensive.
Singular subject     prular   must singular
¯  The bag is singular subject and markets is plural , the verb must be use “is” because determined by subject.

§  Gerund as subject, verb must be singular.
Example :
Ä  Shopping is favorite activity my friends
Gerund      singular                        plural
¯  My friends is plural, so that verb must be “is”
Ä  Playing dolls is interesting
Gerund plural singular
¯  Dolls is plural , so that verb must be “is”

§  Some of, a lot of, most of, and a half of                     singular noun           verb singular
Plural noun              verb plural
Example :
Ä  Some of comics are him
¯   Plural noun            verb plural
Ä  A lot of foods in here are from Indonesian food
¯  Plural noun             verb plural
Ä  Most of subject is difficult
        Singular singular
¯  Singular noun            verb singular
Ä  A half of activity koala is sleeping
        Singular        singular
¯  Singular noun            verb singular

§  One of, each of, and every one of         always followed prural noun                   verb singular
Example :
Ä  One of my brothers  is my home
      Plural         verb.singular
¯  Plural noun          verb singular
Ä  Each of my sisters is bring drink
       Plural        verb.singular
¯  Plural noun          verb singular
Ä  Every one of in markets is like music
¯  Plural noun          verb singular
§  The number of                         were always followed plural noun, verb singular
Example :
Ä  The number of students in school is vast
      Plural                   verb singular
¯  plural noun        verb singular
Ä  The number of eggs in box is measly

§  A number of                were always followed plural noun, verb plural
Example :
Ä  A number of dress in markets are cheap
¯  Plural noun           verb plural
Ä  A number of children in here are cute